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I was encouraged to pursue art throughout my childhood, extending into my primary and secondary school years.

I continued my artistic journey at Red Deer College, where I gained intensive experience in drawing, painting, visual fundamentals,

ceramics, and sculpture. Subsequently, I completed my B.F.A. at the University of Saskatchewan under the guidance of

Robert Christie and Otto Rogers. This educational background has significantly influenced my painting style, drawing inspiration from Abstract Expressionism, Color Field painting, and the Formalist approach.

Currently, I am an independent artist residing in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. I work both in my backyard studio and

at The Studio on 20th. The large windows in my garden studio provide a close connection to the beauty of my garden and the expansive prairie sky, creating a space of serenity. Conversely, my downtown studio offers a different perspective, with views of the bustling streets

and the constant ebb and flow of people in the core neighborhood, generating a space filled with vibrant energy.

Artist's Statement:

My art delves into the interplay of spaces, shapes, textures, and lines inspired by architecture, flora, still life, and aerial landscapes. Abstracting my muses, I envision dynamic conversations between design principles and elements,

strategically creating ample space for rest and contemplation.

Emphasizing unity and diversity, I reflect on parallels between my creative process and the human condition—

embracing risk, play, persistence, and the quest for balance amidst chaos and beauty.

Drawing inspiration from formalist and color field painters, I focus on process and formal elements rather than the subject matter.

Beginning with the spontaneous use of tools and mediums, I cultivate a ground of uncertainty,

intuitively allowing marks and forms to shape my composition through addition and subtraction.

The result is a convergence of overlapping planes, echoing shared histories—an ongoing process of exploration and discovery.


Employing juxtaposition, my work captivates viewers' curiosity by establishing coherence amid diverse states of being,

such as comfort, excitement, and tension. Through a reduction process,

the art evolves from chaos to harmony, mirroring my sense of self, others, and place.

While abstract in expression, my work introduces sometimes-familiar themes that engage viewers,

inviting them to linger and uncover stories within the layers.

By navigating the delicate balance between representation and abstraction,

my art offers viewers a dual experience of both genres.

I am motivated and trust in this quote:

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes;

Art is knowing which ones to keep.”

Scott Adams

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